By starting with quality raw ingredients, we are able to produce more consistent finished products. All of our corn, wheat, black oil sunflower, and milo is grown and harvested by Shady Hill Farms. Shady Hill Farms is owned and operated by the Black family, owners of Rogers Mill, Inc. A wide variety of quality raw ingredients enable us to make just about any livestock and bird feed product you would need. We also started carrying NON-GMO FEEDS. Having our own Pellet Mill allows us the flexibility to manufacture smaller quantities of custom mixes to fit your needs. We also make custom mixes for deer and horses. To save you time we have a route truck to deliver right to your place, call (330) 227-3214 for details.


Established in 1920, Rogers Mill was purchased by Bob and Cindy Black in 2007. All the manufacturing, along with retail sales and NON-GMO FEEDS are done at the Rogers’ location, 7431 Depot St., Rogers, Ohio. Please also visit our other  store:  Hanoverton Feeds, located at 29945 St., Rt. 30, Hanoverton, OH. The main focus at Hanoverton Feeds is retail livestock,pet feeds and NON-GMO FEEDS.