Horse Feeds

At Roger's Mill we understand the individuality of your horse's nutritional needs. That's why we make such a wide variety of horse feeds, from our biggest selling 10% horse to our specialized race horse hi fat feeds. If your horse requires a special diet, we are able to manufacture larger quantities to fit your needs. Not only is our corn from a single source, but we also clean the cracked corn before it goes into our high quality feeds. So if you can't find something that meets your needs on this website then give us a call at (330) 227-3214 and tell us what you would like, and we will do our professional best to make sure you and your horse are satisfied.

10% Horse 50#
12% Horse 50#
11% Horse and Cattle Pellets 50#
Complete Stable Pellets 50#
30% Horse Supplement Pellets 50#
 Kalmbach Kalm 'N Ez Pellets 50#
 Kalmbach Tribute Maturity Pellets 50#
Cleaned Canadian Oats 50#
12-6 HiFat 50#
Racetrack 12% 50#
SafeChoice Senior 50#
SafeChoice Original 50#
SafeChoice Maintenence 50#




We are a dealer of Kalmbach and Nutrena Horse feeds, for more information go to, Nutrena Horse or Kalmbach Horse.